Posted by on January 29, 2019


TempSure Envi is a gentle new radiofrequency treatment that minimizes facial fine lines and wrinkles and tightens skin. It's safe for all skin types and levels of sun exposure so it fits perfectly into any beauty maintenance routine, any time of year.


For years Botox has helped so many men and women successfully treat wrinkles and facial creases. As people age, they long for a more youthful appearance. Botox is able to give them this.

Botox blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injected muscle is then not able to contract. This causes the wrinkles to relax and soften. Botox is typically used on the forehead lines, around the eyes, and on frown lines. Typically wrinkles are caused as we age, but they are also brought on by sun damage and gravity.

Receiving Botox actually only takes a few short minutes, and anesthesia is not required. You will simply get injected with a fine needle into the specific muscle and feel only mild discomfort.


Juvederm Ultra Plus XC is an injectable, colorless, hyaluronic acid gel. It contains a small quantity of local anesthetic and is injected into the facial tissue to smooth wrinkles and folds. It is typically injected around the nose and mouth.

Juvederm XC is very safe because hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring. Juvederm XC can last up to two years. After those two years are up, you are welcome to come back and receive treatment again. You can expect results immediately. There is no downtime after the treatment either.

There are many reasons why people receive Juvederm XC. As we age, our skin typically ages with us. As a result, wrinkles begin to occur. Many people begin to feel self-conscious about this and long to have youthful-looking skin again. We are happy to help these people achieve their goals.


Unfortunately, many people accumulate fat under their chin and become self-conscious of it. This is typically common as people age as well. As you age, it is harder and harder to get rid of fat through proper diet and exercise alone. If you feel as though you have tried everything to get rid of your “double chin”, but nothing has worked, the solution is Kybella.

Kybella is a prescription medicine that will help you improve your appearance and profile if you have moderate to severe fat below the chin. Our trusted and well-educated plastic surgeons are able to prescribe this so you can get the confidence you have always wanted.


Have you always wanted softer and fuller-looking lips? Restylane is an easy way to get the look for your lips that you have always wanted.

Restylane is the most commonly used lip enhancement for volume and contouring. It is also used to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles that many people get as they age. It may also be used for filling in aging-related facial hollows under and around the eyes. Finally, it can be used for cheek volume and contouring of the chin, forehead, and nose.

Restylane is a great option for people who want to revitalize their skin and increase its elasticity and structure without adding volume.

Once our patients receive Restylane, the effects are not permanent. Typically patients will need to come back every six to twelve months depending on their age, skin type, and lifestyle. The recovery time for the treatment is typically two to three days, and then you will be back in the world looking great!